Packet Information

The W5MCC digi is back on the air! 145.01 & 446.100 (9.6k).

Connect to W5MCC-10 and enter a ? for help.

We will be adding another digi for the New Orleans area. The frequency will be as follows:


446.100 (Backbone)

The BPQ node is tied in on 446.100 and accessible through the VHF side.

We currently are testing a BPQ32 switch. This switch supports, VHF RMS Winlink Gateway, UHF Winlink Gateway & UHF packet BBS. Cross port connections are enabled.

Here are the frequencies:



Current callsigns/SSIDs are:

W5MCC-1: BPQ Node Switch


W5MCC-10: RMS Gateway

We also run the KB5OZE HF RMS Trimode server. The server currently supports winmor and ARDOP.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or for a BBS maildrop.

tech at selcoms dot org


We are currently hosting the KD5QZD-1 iGate at a high downtown site.

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