Emergency Net Protocol

The below Emergency Net Protocol goes into effect when SELCOM is alerted to a potential local or regional communication emergency . This alert is sent from our served agencies. This protocol will be in effect until the communications emergency has been resolved.


  1. When a communications emergency has been declared, the members assigned to a parish emergency management agency become the net control station for their repeater (see assignments here).

    1. The NCS (net control Station) has full control and authority to direct all traffic on that repeater for their parish.

    2. All stations must be recognized and allowed by the net control to pass non-agency or non-emergency traffic.

      1. Understand that this traffic will be logged by the NCS.

    3. All amateur radio stations operating at any facility in that parish must follow these procedures.

    4. All amateur radio stations at a facility or agency that is participating with the parish emergency management must check in at regular intervals with the NCS (usually every 30 to 60 minutes). Any station that does not respond to a roll call will be physically checked to ensure that the operator and their station is secure.

    5. All stations participating in the net must notify the NCS if they will be away from their station. Also, please provide an estimate of time.

    6. All stations must use the forms (preferably electronic -on pc) as required by the parish emergency management.

    7. Non agency or non emergency traffic should be directed to one of the repeaters that are not assigned to a served agency. SELCOM will be monitoring those assets as well and if available, will handle the traffic.

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