Repeater Allocations 2021

In an effort to facilitate communications with the State of Louisiana Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness,

 we have allocated some of our resources for specific uses. Below are the new allocations.

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Repeater Trustees

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Repeater Coverage Maps

New Orleans Metro Area / Region 1

ST Tammany EOC: 146.860 PL 114.8 Region 9 St Tammany Parish EoC

Plaquemines EOC:   146.895/146.665 PL 114.8 Plaquemines Parish EoC (in process of re-build)

Jefferson EOC: 146.775 PL 114.8 Jefferson Parish EoC

Region 1 EOC Backup: 147.030 PL 114.8 - Plaquemines Parish EOC for 2021

WJMC/WARC:     146.940 PL 114.8

Region 1: 444.800 PL 114.8 Region 1 Area Coordinating Repeater

Region 1 Hospitals: 444.825 PL 114.8

Region 1: 224.12 PL 114.8

New Orleans: 444.700 PL 114.8

New Orleans: 147.120 PL 114.8

Plaquemines Parish: 147.075 PL 114.8 (in testing/under construction)

Grand Isle: 443.575 PL 114.8 (in testing)

Bayou L'Ourse/Morgan City: 147.015 PL 103.5

Repeaters that are in testing 

443.575 PL FM/DMR/C4FM/DStar

Repeaters that are under construction.

147.075 PL 114.8       

443.950 PL 114.8

146.895 PL 114.8       


            Digital Systems             

145.01 Digi-peater (Packet/BBS/Winlink Gateway) (in testing)

144.39 digi-peater (APRS: W5MCC-11) (in testing)

145.25 D-Star Repeater/Gateway

146.775 MMDVM Repeater - FM, DMR, C4FM, D-Star

147.03 Yaesu Fusion Repeater - Wires-X on C4FM

444.475 D-Star Repeater/Gateway

444.825 MMDVM Repeater -  FM, DMR, C4FM, D-Star

444.800 Yaesu Fusion Repeater - Wires-X on C4FM

444.550 MMDVM Repeater - FM, DMR, P25


         North Shore Repeater Information:   

Primary/St Tammany:             146.860 PL 114.8  Voice

Secondary/St Tammany              145.290 Minus off-set,

                                                       444.100 PL 114.8  Voice

                                                            145.010 Digi-Peater  Packet

Secondary/West St Tammany:     146.715 PL 114.8

NWS/ Ozone ARC        147.27 PL 114.8 Voice

Lacombe: 443.950 PL 114.8 (in testing)


 Tangipahoa Parish Repeater Information:     

Primary/Tangipahoa:               147.000 Minus offset PL 107.2  Voice

Secondary/ Tangipahoa:          145.130 Minus offset PL 107.2  Voice

            Tangipahoa:                                       444.250 PL 107.2  Voice

                                                                        145.010 Digi-Peater  Packet


Please be advised that during an emergency, all repeaters will be monitored. During any emergency event, the SELCOM Net Protocol will be in effect. All operators must follow the SELCOM protocol in regards to transmissions on allocated repeaters and resources. Although our group has given a lot of leeway in how the repeaters have been used in the past, we feel this is the most effective use of our existing hardened infrastructure.

Repeaters that have scheduled nets are dedicated to those nets for the specified time frame.

Click here for currently scheduled nets and their reservation times.

Scheduled nets take precedence over all other usages with the exception of emergency traffic.

Repeater Policies

If a specific group or agency wishes to request a specific resource during an emergency or other function, we have appointed a liaison to handle this.

Please contact Tommy Anderson, K5LZP. He has full authority, at all times, to re-allocate resources, as needed.

Please feel free to drop him a line with any suggestions. Or contact our board at

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