Repeater Operational Procedures

These policies are applied to all SELCOM owned/managed assets, including repeaters and other systems that may be in operation.


  1. All amateur radio operators must abide by the FCC rules governing amateur radio operation. Anyone who violates any of these rules may receive 1 warning from any control operator or trustee. If the infraction is serious enough, no warning will be issued. You will be required to leave the repeater.

  2. All amateur radio operators should be considerate of other operators. Please do not knowingly operate in such a manner as to interfere with others.

  3. All amateur radio operators should be friendly. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

  4. At no time may any foul language or unethical terminology be used on SELCOM systems.

  5. During times of communications emergencies, the emergency protocol goes into effect. Please see this link for more information. This affects all SELCOM assets, unless otherwise identified by a control operator or trustee.

  6.  Banned operators: Only operators that choose to break SELCOM Operational Procedures will be banned with a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Any operators that becomes banned will be listed below.

    1. At this time, there are no amateur operators banned from using any SELCOM assets. All licensed amateurs are invited to use the systems. This helps ensure that the systems work during a communications emergency.


Note: These policies may be updated as needed.