Digital Voice Repeater Information

SELCOM currently has two wide area coverage multi-mode repeaters. Both repeaters support the following modes.

Analogue FM    DMR    C4FM    D-Star

Time slot 1 is statically assigned to the SELCOM Brandmeister Talkgroup, 31221 and local repeater communications. Please only use Time Slot 2 for other dynamic talk groups.

Time slot 2 is open for connection to any talk group on the Brandmeister network.

Projected Repeater coverage maps (mobile/base coverage - best case scenario)





Repeater DMR Information

146.775    PL 114.8hz    CC1    CallSign: K5LZP

444.825    PL 114.8hz    CC1    Callsign: KB5OZE

Repeater C4FM Information

Both repeaters support the C4FM mode.

Users can connect to the FCS reflector network by using the Dx Key. Use the # key to disconnect.

Repeater D-Star Information

Both repeaters can be connected to the D-Star reflector 048 Charlie. Please feel free to check into the JARC net on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.

Please be advised that during an emergency, all repeaters will be monitored. During any emergency event, the SELCOM Net Protocol will be in effect. All operators must follow the SELCOM protocol in regards to transmissions on allocated repeaters and resources.

Repeater Policies

If a specific group or agency wishes to request a specific resource during an emergency or other function, we have appointed a liaison to handle this.

Please contact Tommy Anderson, K5LZP. He has full authority, at all times, to re-allocate resources, as needed.

Please feel free to drop him a line with any suggestions. Or contact our board at

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